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Torrens 2 Torrens Project

Ausdig has had the privilege to be a part of the Torrens 2 Torrens Project, working with the T2T Alliance and many other sub-contractors.

Ausdig has played a huge role in the delivery of a 4km non-stop roadway. Here at Ausdig we are proud to be a part of such a large development in Adelaide, that will benefit the Adelaide community through significantly saving travel time for both commuters and freight.

Our Role

Throughout the duration of the project, Ausdig has played an important role in the progression of the Torrens 2 Torrens through extensive excavation jobs across the entire roadway.

Ausdig has proudly completed a large sum of the main dig on the Torrens 2 Torrens project using our GPS integrated systems.

Using their fully integrated total station run LPS systems, Ausdig operators have been able to complete the final trimmings on the project.

This new technology allows for a clean and accurate finish within 5-10mm to the final trim, of the 1 in 40 batter.

Ausdig is working with the T2T to increase employment opportunities and skill development opportunities for Aboriginal people, trainees and apprentices, and local people with barriers to employment.

We believe in providing opportunities for training to better our employee’s knowledge and experience on the job and for future jobs. In doing so, we assist the T2T with monthly Industry Participation Reports, which helps us to meet targets and identify future goals and improvements.

Some of our work