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Ausdig Excavation Services

Ausdig (SA) Pty Ltd offers a variety of services providing a solution to a range of Plant hire needs including:

  • Operators, supervisors and labourers
  • Complex specialist detailed excavation
  • GPS machines with network or radio corrections
  • GPS base stations, rovers and repeaters
  • LPS machines working off and including total stations
  • GPS Rock Breaking
  • Pipe freezing up to 600mm
  • Most pipework on metre or hourly rate

Ausdig Plant Hire Solutions

Ausdig (SA) Pty Ltd offers a variety of plant hire needs including:

  • 5t – 45t Excavators
  • Tipper Crane Truck
  • Graders
  • Loaders

Specialists in GPS Guided Excavation

TOPCON GNSS Machine Control:

TOPCON GNSS machine control utilises corrections from both GPS and GLONASS satellites in addition to a number of sensors fitted to the machine which provides immediate positioning information to the operator on a screen mounted in the cab. This technology along with a 3D file and our skilled operators can improve efficiency by eliminating over-excavation as well as the need for a grade checker on the ground with the on screen cut/fill indicator.

AUSDIG are able to connect to various providers to receive the GNSS corrections via network connection to best suit the project. Network connection relies on mobile phone coverage and the appropriate placement of base stations to provide accurate positioning information. Should the project lay outside of these parameters, we are able to provide a semi-permanent base station. After a simple set up on site, the base station can be used by any GNSS machine to provide site relevant corrections.


TOPCON’s Local Position System (LPS) uses sensors mounted on the machine, a prism and a total station to determine machine position with millimetre precision. This system has similar advantages in terms of efficiency to the GNSS system with the added advantage of being effective in situations that line of sight to satellites impedes the use of GNSS such as under trees or bridges.