Ausdig SA Pty Ltd has been involved in the Civil Construction Industry since 2007. South Australian based, owned and operated we offer Excavator hire to  construction services in the rail, commercial, domestic, industrial and civil sectors. 

The owner, Zaine Williams has been involved in the civil industry since 1993, working for some of Australia’s largest civil construction companies before starting his own. Zaine prides himself as an efficient, safe and competent worker, who works with the client to achieve the desired result in a timely and cost effective manner.

Zaine believes in a healthy working environment, and has been participating in the Healthy Workers’ Program with the Civil Contractors’ Federation and his employees. Along with this, we also have random drug testing throughout the company using Oz Drug Testing.

Ausdig aims to help increase employment opportunities and skill development opportunities for Aboriginal people, trainees and apprentices, displaced automotive workers, and local people with barriers to employment. Ausdig aims to also accomodate for up skilling our workforce through high quality and nationally recognised training and to support Aboriginal owned businesses in their access and opportunities in the construction industry. We believe in providing opportunities for training to better our employee’s knowledge and experience on the job and for future jobs.

In doing so, we assist with the monthly Industry Participation Reports and monthly Workforce Participation Reports on some of the current projects that were are working on, which helps us to meet targets and identify future goals and improvements.

AUSDIG has experience in the following:

  • Subdivision and deep excavation works
  • Bulk earthworks
  • Demolition
  • Digging around live services
  • Dams and dam Walls
  • Street works – Dealing with live traffic, pedestrians, overhead & underground services
  • Rock works – Placing, cutting & breaking with GPS equipment
  • Batters, drains & swales
  • Detailed excavation within millimetres
  • Gas pipelines – working in and around live gas plants
  • Remote works
  • All GPS & LPS total station equipment

AUSDIG provides services Australia Wide!

Recent work in:

  • Olympic dam
  • Moomba
  • Remote camps in the Cooper Basin
  • Berry Bypass (NSW)
  • Mildura (VIC)
  • Renmark (SA)